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Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine lake in all of North America, and the second deepest lake in general after Crater Lake, making Tahoe an exceptionally large high altitude lake with a whole lot to offer. The lake sits at over a mile high in elevation at its surface rim and is surrounded by a panoramic view of mountains on all sides varying from pine green to snow white making it a superb location to appreciate natural beauty.

The mountains and river of this area were formed by the Sierra Nevada-Great Valley Block which divides most of the American continental plate at a fault line where a sub-plate which California sits on drifts in the opposite direction than that of the rest of the country, causing friction and tectonic activity as well as the generation of the Sierra Nevada mountains and the earthquakes and fault lines that California is known for. This activity generated the 3 fault lines that created the Basin that Lake Tahoe sits in, making it a fairly unique tectonic occurrence with the conjoining of 3 fault lines to form the largest alpine lake of all of North America.

Being an alpine lake makes Tahoe feature absolutely stunningly crystal blue water which is a credit to the high altitude cold temperature that slows the growth of algae and bacteria that spoil the color of most other lakes. The altitude and remoteness also offers fresh mountain crispness to the air which just feels good to be in as a vacation destination. All of the trails around the lake provide absolutely stunning views of the massive lake and its surrounding mountains which are seen with a slight haze at the far sides of the lake.

The lake its self sits on the border between California and Nevada and has a massive popularity as a ski resort on the west coast as one of the most popular ski destinations. But the lake side destination has a lot more to offer than just the best skiing hills in the country, it also sports an array of summer outdoor sports such as fishing, kayaking, biking and hiking trails. CarvedLakeArt is a pioneer in laser cut mapping techniques to bring amazing quality and realism to the homes and businesses of those passionate about the water.

Tahoe has earned its self a reputation in many eyes as the best destination to go to, full stop. The natural beauty of the area pairs up well with the various outdoors activities offered that refreshes you from city life. But beyond all of that, the lake shares half of its shore with Nevada, bringing luxury indoor activities and casinos to bear meaning that even the most indoor geared individuals will be happy with their stay and not have to lament being dragged along with their more active company. The tourist culture of the area has been on a rapid increase in recent years as the destination catches more and more eyes and publicity. Now there are regular food and music festivals along the shores of the gorgeous lake to further enrich the visit for people who plan their trips to align with these events.

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