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Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring


Love is a mysterious thing, but when you know you’re in love, nothing can go wrong… unless you buy the wrong engagement ring. Proposals are a big deal because you are proposing to spend the rest of your life with the woman who you love. Sure, you and your girlfriend may have already had conversations about spending your lives together, getting married, and maybe even having children, but putting a ring on her finger makes all of that 100% more real. You do not want to go out and spend $1,000 on a ring that she is going to hate. The ring you buy should show her that you know her well enough to get exactly what she wants.

engagement ring on bride

Choosing the size Of The Engagement Ring

Contrary to popular belief, not all women want the biggest rock you can find. Sure, gold diggers and women who grew up on Park Avenue in New York may want to have the largest ring possible, but not all women are like that. Assuming you have never bought an engagement ring before, the sizes of the diamond rings may be confusing to you. Diamonds are measured in carats, which is not a measurement we come across every day. Rather than explaining what exactly a carat is, we’ll just explain which carat size is right for each woman. Is your girlfriend a modest woman who does not wear a lot of jewelry? If so, .25 or .5 carat is probably the perfect diamond. Does she have a good fashion sense and wear jewelry every day? I would suggest getting something around 1 carat. Is she used to an expensive lifestyle? She may want the biggest ring that you can find which may require a bit more shopping, and you may find yourself searching websites like Zales, BlueNile,, and the Jewelry Exchange.

Choosing The Cut

This is where most men get really confused and are unsure of what their girlfriends would want. I will go over a few of the more popular cuts, but you will need to consider what your girlfriend would want to make the right decision. You may consider asking her family and friends if she has mentioned what she is interested in. The round cut is the most classic. This is just a round diamond, very basic, with nothing too special. The princess cut is a favorite cut that you have probably heard of in movies. It is a square cut, and is probably the safest bet if you have absolutely no idea what shape your girlfriend would like. The heart cut is something that looks cute, but most women do not want to wear a heart on their finger for the rest of their lives because it seems immature.

Choosing the Band Color

hands-with-engagement-ringHopefully this is the easiest part. You have two main options for the band color: white (silver) or gold. White gold is the most common accepted metal for engagement bands, but if your girlfriend is obsessed with gold, then you might consider getting her a gold colored band instead.

When you go shopping for engagement ring, you will need to keep your girlfriend in mind. Take a look at the rings, and consider which one is the most “her.” If you are completely lost, then go shopping with her best friend.

Can You Smell The Funny?

How You Can Afford A Comedian For Your Party

Hire A Comedian So you dont have to listen to these salt shakers tell jokes.

Have you ever watched Saturday night live or Comedy Central and thought to yourself, “Man I would love to hire one of these people for my company event. But there is no way we can afford them”?



Well unless you have REALLY DEEP pockets that is probably true. However, you can still hire uber funny comics to perform at your family event, birthday party or corporate retreat. These people are most often full time professionals, but occasionally you will find a very talented car mechanic who moonlights as a stand up comic.  I will warn you, if you ever see your mechanic performing stand up and you do not laugh at him- well let’s just say you had best check your brake cables before you leave.

Bad jokes aside, hiring a comic used to be far more complicated before the internet and scheduling on line.  We reached out to Tom who owns Lol Biz and he gave us the low down on how to find the perfect comedian.

  • Plan ahead.  This sounds basic and it is.  However many of the funniest comics that have booked with groups before will often get rehired back by the same group or company. So make sure you plan ahead.
  • Check out the comics on youtube or their website platform of choice so you can see if you like their material.

Required a laugh? The best regional stand up comics are for hire from LOL. Whether you’re seeking a clean stand up comic or somebody more edgy, we’ll assist you find the perfect comic for your party. Nobody knows ways to work a crowd like a professional comic. Work with a comic from LOL and see on your own! Get ready to laugh aloud!

If your tastes or venue of choice requires a more conservative type of comedian, consider searching for a clean comedian. They curse less or not at all, have family friendly punchlines and will allow your kiddos to be able to sit with you through the show without you have to say “Earmuffs” ala the classic movie Oldschool.

Needless to say if you can smell what the Rock is cooking, then you can surely use your olfactory senses to figure out that your next party or get together can be a whole lot funnier if you Uncle Bob is not the one telling the jokes.