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How To Plan A Fashion-Forward Wedding With A Twist

Every bride wants her wedding to be special and unique. You want the day to be remembered by guests and for future brides to say, “I want that great seating area that she had for the cocktail hour – that was perfect!” We will be sharing some of the unique, fashion forward wedding ideas with you, but we will be adding ideas from an event planner Baltimore to each one to make it a little more special.

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A Luxurious Reception Lounge

This is something that has popped up only in a few weddings but is an instant guest pleaser. Brides are creating a chic lounge with fashionable, comfortable seating for guests to relax in between their favorite songs. The lounge has been popular among guests as a place to relax and talk to other guests who they just met or as a place to put their feet up after dancing for hours. This is a great idea, and you can put a little Baltimore twist on the idea but having a waitress serve up some coffee and cupcakes from your favorite bakery in the city. Another way to put a spin on the idea is to make the lounge area look like the coffee shop from Friends.

Themed Cocktails

Some brides are choosing to serve specific cocktails rather than anything you want to order. One idea is to serve wine, beer, and two signature drinks at your wedding – one to represent the bride, and one to represent the groom. You can call the drinks the blushing bride and the greatest groom or come up with other unique names. Add a MD spin on this idea by serving Cosmopolitans for the bride’s drink.

Standout Guest Bags

Every bride and groom give away some form of a wedding favor. Popular choices include glassware with the newlyweds’ names on it, customized blankets for a winter wedding, and bottles of champagne with custom labels. Make your wedding truly memorable with a bag full of goodies for all of your guests. It is easy to add a NY spin on this idea. Throw in a list of the top things to do in NYC according to the bride and groom, pick up some souvenirs from one of those many shops in Times Square, add a personalized shot glass with your names on it, and then recommend a place to go for their hangover breakfast.

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A Groom’s Cake

Something that might not be particularly unique anymore, but has been more popular lately is having a groom’s cake in addition to the traditional, white wedding cake. Grooms are going with superhero cakes, Nascar cakes, football cakes, and anything else that represents them and what they like. Have your future hubby add a spin on this tradition by choosing his favorite sports team, choosing to have a Batman cake, or theming it after his favorite vacation spot.

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