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How A Fashion Photographer Recovered His Lost Photos

Recovering Your Important Images

Fashion Deleted Pictures Recovered


Imagine being the designated photographer at a wedding. What would you do if you’ve lost all important shots? Despite having all the state-of-the-art gadgets that money can buy, a modern digital photographer can still suffer setbacks; the most disastrous of them all is to lose all images that you’ve saved.


Things can occasionally go wrong that even experienced photographers have experienced this very unfortunate incident. What differentiates the seasoned from the aspiring is that the former knows how to prevent or deal with these problems. For the inexperienced or ill-organized, you will encounter this tricky situation at some point in your career; thus, it is important to be prepared.


Here are some of the likely causes of lost images and what a good photographer can do to reduce the probability of that happening.


  1. Loss of Storage Card


This is the equivalent to the yesteryear’s loss of film rolls. This will likely occur when the storage card falls from the pocket or bag. You could reaching for something inside your pocket and it falls at the same time you pull your hand. To avoid this scenario, place your storage card in a secure pouch or container.


  1. Loss of Camera


This is another common situation. You’re probably still in the process of migrating your files to your computer when you lost your camera. As a result, you’ve lost the files still stored in the camera. Loss of camera may be due to theft or simply through the fault or negligence of its handler. To avert the happening of this incident, always keep your camera with you at all times. If you entrust your camera to another, make sure he or she handles it with proper care; dropping the camera can render it inoperable, resulting in the loss of stored data.


  1. Failure to Store in Multiple Caches


You’ve probably heard of the old adage “Never put your eggs in one basket.” This time-tested wisdom also applies in modern digital photograph. If one storage fails, at least you have another one; thus, reducing the risk of losing all important images stored.


Ensuring That You Don’t Lose All Valuable Data


The worst thing you can say to your client is that you’ve lost their images. It doesn’t matter if the loss was due to your own actions or not. If you’re doing this as a professional endeavor, your clients won’t accept any excuse. You can only imagine all the consequences that come along with that. There’s the likelihood of tarnishing your name or sullying your reputation as a photographer.


Most Effective Data Recovery System Available Today


Data loss is perennially a risk that all digital photographers are exposed. Losing all valuable images may be caused when one erroneously formats his system or as a result of a virus attack. There is also the possibility of losing important data when one accidentally deletes files.


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