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Lip Enhancement Procedures Boosted By Kylie Jenner Popularity

Kylie Jenner has admitted to having temporary lip fillers done, and her confession – which was a part of an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians – has made demand for lip injections skyrocket.

The procedure is something that is available at a relatively young age. You can get lip enhancement injections done even if you’re so young you can’t drink yet – and a huge number of teens are doing exactly that.

The injections cost $500 each, and since the gel, Restylante, was given FDA approval 20 years ago it has been used in injections more than 20 million times. Then there are other injections, such as collagen ones, which would increase that figure even more.

A Gateway Procedure

Lip fillers themselves are a safe and relatively non-invasive procedure, but they are also something of a ‘gateway’ procedure – with more than a third of young women saying that they want to get lip enhancement done before they get other forms of surgery. This is something that is often being referred to as the “Kylie Jenner effect”. Some teens, unwilling to wait until they are old enough to get Restylane injections, are opting to suck on the opening of a bottle or a shot glass to cause their lips to swell temporarily. This creates the swollen lip look for a few hours – but  it can also lead to painful bruising.

Lip fillers are offered to those aged 18 and over, and there are several different kinds available. Restylane is the one that Jenner prefers – it is easily injected, and recovery takes just 2-3 days, but the treatment can cause some severe bruising. Injections last for about six months, and cost about $500 each.

Cosmetic surgeons say that Juvederm is a better choice for young people – it is slightly more expensive, but the effects last slightly longer, and it is a softer, more natural feeling filler. The injections are made from hyaluronic acid, just like Restylane. This acid occurs naturally in the body, so it should be completely safe. Juvederm is mixed with lidocaine, which numbs the lips to make the procedure less painful.

Collagen is still sometimes used for lip injections. Usually, it is bovine collagen that is injected – but naturally there will be some people who would prefer to avoid using animal products for cosmetic surgery. Collagen is quite expensive compared to the other treatments, and the injections do not last as long either.

Lip injections are generally safe, but the trend for young people to use other methods of plumping up their lips is worrying. The bruises will heal, but they are painful when they happen, and they raise questions about how women feel about their bodies, and what they are willing to put themselves through in an attempt to fit in with a given standard of beauty.

Kylie Jenner coming clean about her lip enhancement was a good thing because it has created discussion about beauty standards, but we need to take a long hard look at the pressure that teenage girls are under.

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How To Look After Dry Hair

Split ends, a dull appearance, and lack of fullness are all symptoms of dry hair, which indicates the shafts are not retaining or absorbing enough moisture for healthy growth. Failing to treat this condition can result in itching, flaking, and even eventually cause the hairs to fall out.

Individuals who are seeking a solution are better off exploring the various natural remedies for dry hair rather than spending a lot of money on expensive care products that can do more harm than good. These hairstyling tips are effective, and kind on your pocket.

hairdressing tips

Dryness is the result of a number of factors. A poor diet, failure to use the right type of products, swimming in chlorinated water, dyes, and frequent use of curling irons, blow dryers, straighteners, and other heated styling tools can take their toll. Using some everyday items found in most households can eliminate dryness and restore shine.

Eggs are a great source of lecithin and protein. Lecithin contains insotil and choline, which are compounds that promote healthy growth. Protein restores strength and improves shine and texture. To receive these benefits, combine one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of olive oil and three eggs. Apply this mixture to your scalp and cover with a shower cap for approximately one half hour. Wash the mixture out using cold water and a mild shampoo. Following this routine once per week will make hair silky and soft.

Olive oil by itself is an effective moisturizer. It is full of vitamin E and other antioxidants that seal the cuticles with moisture. Warm the oil in a microwave for a weekly hot oil treatment that restores moisture, adds shine, and strengthens tresses.

Massage the olive oil into the scalp for up to 10 minutes. Cover the head with a towel, and allow it to soak in overnight. Wash out with shampoo and finish the treatment with a good conditioner.

The protein in beer makes it an effective conditioner. In addition to nourishing the follicles, the protein is helpful for repairing damaged cuticles. After shampooing, spray beer directly onto the scalp. Allowing the hair to dry naturally eliminates any beer odor.

Avocados are rich in protein, saturated fats, and vitamins E and A. Mashed avocado mixed with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil makes a healthy conditioner that can strengthen and moisturize the shafts. Apply the mixture to freshly shampooed hair, working it in from the ends to the roots. Let it sit for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. This acts as a hair straightening treatment and helps you to achieve shiny, silky, and more manageable locks.

Using these simple home remedies can help repair the damage cause by overuse of traditional care products. Many of these products contain harsh chemical compounds that can strip hair of its natural oils and dry out the ends.

Cleaning and conditioning with natural products containing protein, minerals, and vitamins provides the proper nourishment to promote healthy growth and a lustrous appearance. Many of these products can be found in most households, and all are less expensive than most of the high-end care products sold in beauty salons and other retail outlets.

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