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Kate Webb

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Sell More Mercedes Benz Transmissions Through Viral Marketing

Mercedes AMG GT R Social Media Campaign


Lewis Hamilton, the champion of Formula 1, has been on an expedition in the jungle to hunt for the #beastofthegreenhell and tweeps have been eagerly waiting. A huge social media campaign has been running on all major platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s for the new Mercedes AMG GT R high-performance machine that tops the class of the Mercedes AMG GT and the Mercedes AMG GT S. The new beast takes the top spot of the GT Series, but it is still too early to tell if there isn’t yet another surprise. Of course the Black Series will soon be expected to take over from the GT family. In terms of the most hardcore of the Mercedes AMG’s range, the GT R now has the title. The AMG Series also boasts high performance from pipe to hood ornament. Luxury abounds from Mercedes AMG Custom Rims to custom badges, this AMG lineup screams performance and Luxury.


Fans online and especially on the social media have been treated to a teaser of the beast leading to the premiers on June 24, 2016 for the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Since the announcement was made that GT R will be on track at the festival, the social media conversations around the topic have been going on almost non-stop growing stronger every single day. Mercedes seems to never get anything wrong with its social media. Finally, the whole experience of teasing the GT R and the interactions seen on social media networks hasn’t been disappointing for the fans. They have been waiting to catch a glimpse of the AMG GT R until the photos emerged. The GT R has a beefed up Manual Transmission to support the vigorous shifting and acceleration needed from a performance ride.


The AMG GT R roars like a real beast and its exclusive green shade, the AMG Green Hell Magno, makes it stunningly beautiful. The social media strategy used in building up towards the live reveal of the beast to the fans was brilliant in every respect. The photos have been lowly emerging showing the car cruising behind the cover of green vegetation until it completely cam in full view. A lot of social media posts were coming out from different official Mercedes accounts on a daily basis. The social media efforts Mercedes has made have been more consistent and have yielded more engagement with fans than most of its competitors.


Considering the reputation of Mercedes and the fact that it is the oldest maker of luxury cars, its social activities also attract many auto businesses. Such businesses could be dealing with auto parts, car auctions, classic car restoration, auto shows and a lot more. Mercedes also keeps fans on social media updated on every auto event such as car shows and races any of their car models are involved. All these online social network activities connect people with their brand and everything thing else they care about. People that own Mercedes-Benz cars can easily discover useful services like where to buy Mercedes Rims or any other auto part they may need.


So Mercedes being brilliant with their social media strategies benefits a lot of other business that have anything to do with their brand. A lot of information comes out of the interactions that occur on social media around what Mercedes is up to or which cars they plan to release, just as is the case with their latest beast GT R supercar and event where it gets revealed finally.


Kate Webb

Aspiring creative writer. I like spicy food and good people.

What do you know about cost of garage door installation?

You choose your garage door and you are satisfied with your choice, but what about installation? Is your decision to install it yourself? Friends help? It’s better and safer to call professionals.

And then you have another problem that includes additional costs for installation. It isn’t wrong if you plan your install project. You can select the right garage door for your house and your budget. Costs depend from many things. First you have to remove your old garage door and then install the new one.If you engage someone to make plan and estimate instead of you, it also rises your installation cost.

It is advisable to contact few different agencies and request a bid or quote for the installation. It is important to consider additional features. Maybe you want some details such as a window or some frames or special material. You also need remote control if you like automatic garage door.

Very often it happens that we have additional costs. Costs can vary and it depends from many different things. The cost estimate is also important. There are costs for equipment delivery and transport to your house; costs for preparing the work-site for installation; costs for removing your old garage door and cleaning up; mobilization time, etc. The average cost of a garage door installation includes labor and material, transport, but there are usually some more unpredictable costs.

garage-doorsRegardless the cost of garage door installation is, you always have additional costs. During we try to find the best garage door for our home we don’t think too much about the additional costs. Homeowner looks for some more details that can beautify his house and doesn’t think about costs. He thinks about looks, shape, color, practicality and always finds something more he would like to have. And finally, when he asks himself about the costs he realize possible costs. He usually starts to reduce them with discarding redundant costs. But later, he still has additional installation cost.

Garage door installation includes labor cost, too. Labor cost may vary. If your garage door is installed by professional it probably will cost less. A professional garage door installation can usually be done within a day. Costs of installation depend of how long the labor takes. receiving bids from several reputable contractors can help you get the best value on installation costs.

Considering what garage door you want, a single or double, simple or overhead door, your costs depend of that. Door designs are also available at the additional cost. Bidders offer a convenient, easy way to install your new garage door. Installers’ coming to your house also costs. Additional costs may apply for non-standard garage door sizes and the installation of non-standard locks. Maybe you want to contact color consultant who can help you to choose good color for garage door in order to fight garage door fit perfectly into the look of the house. And it’s additional cost!

So it’s the fact that garage door installation cost varies in depending of many other factors. So be very careful with your final garage door installation if you want less costs. You can find more information here

Kate Webb

Aspiring creative writer. I like spicy food and good people.